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US $ 2,235 per person for a group of 2-3 participants.

US $ 1,835 per person for a group of 4-8 participants.

Price includes ground transportation, lodging, all foods, daily water & guidance.

Price does not include domestic & international air tickets, alcoholic drinks or additional beverages to those served with meals, laundry and personal expenses.

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Tour Guide(s)

Waly Naranjo

Waly Naranjo
After hiking and climbing the tallest peaks of the Sierra Nevada
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Daniel Uribe - Restrepo

Daniel Uribe - Restrepo
Has been chasing birds since he was 9-years and enjoys sharing his joy
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This short tour (5 nights / 6 days) has been carefully designed in order to cover most of the endemic, near-endemic & specialty birds of the gorgeous Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta & La Guajira scrubland. The Santa Marta Mountains hosts an amazing concentration of endemic species, having evolved in isolation from the main Andes. Furthermore, it harbors a great number of near-endemics and race variations that are especially intriguing to experienced birders and newcomers into the world of birds.

Without doubt, covering “high”, intermediate and foothill habitats in the Santa Marta Mountains provides exposure to an incredible variety of birds. In addition, this tour visits protected nature reserves with dry scrubland and Caribbean wetlands at La Guajira Peninsula, in search for a big number of near-endemics shared between Colombia and Venezuela, but otherwise difficult to see in neighboring Venezuela. 

Our guides are expert birders in the region, traveling through forests and wetlands in an almost daily routine. Thus, we know very well where the best birds are at any moment and time of the year, increasing your chances to see them well.

Expect good to fair lodges, tough roads in the mountains (unfortunately not good enough to continue all the way up into treeline ), basic lodging at Camarones or Riohacha (no hot water – it is too warm locals say) and amazing birding.

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Tour Map

Tour Map


Temperature: Will range anywhere between 86 to 90 ºF (30-32 ºC) in the lowlands and 50 to 60 ºF (10 - 16 ºC) in the mountains (max. tour height = aprox. 9,850 ft. or 3,000 mt.).

The Backpack

Comfortable shoes or rubber boots; small umbrella, rain coat or poncho; sweater or coat for the night; hat or cap & sun shade; shirts with long sleeves & insect repellent; personal medicines; IDs & health insurance.