About Us


Welcome to Birding Tours Colombia, specialists in matching birds with conservation. We go birding for a double purpose: enjoying birds and while doing so, helping others in their commitment for protecting nature. We offer amazing birding trips in the most beautiful locations, supporting public and private conservation efforts in Colombia aimed at protecting birds and nature. Our clients share similar values and concerns for the future of threatened and vulnerable species. Thus, while you enjoy your vacations looking for nice birds, we will strive to use the facilities and services of those who are genuinely oriented towards responsible traveling and biodiversity conservation. This is ecotourism in the most bird-rich country of the world!

Our tours visit the best localities with the most magnificent birds! We do our best in finding target species and seeing them well! Our guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic nature-loving people, willing to share their expertise and admiration for birds! We use the best local guides, capable at finding the birds and showing them well. We have a friendly, relaxed and easy-going attitude, paying close attention to details.

We provide the best service possible and personalized attention to your needs. Our maximum group size is 8 participants plus tour leader, but most excursions are limited to 4-6 participants.

We do not play a competitive sport watching birds, but we will do our best efforts to find the most challenging birds and the largest number of species possible within the specified tour itinerary. We know well how to move and travel along the regions, covering the best birding localities. In doing so, we take the time to enjoy the unexpected, the local fauna and the beautiful landscapes.

Our tours are carefully designed balancing birds and logistics, with a moderate and dynamic pace, but we do not rush. All tours have received an intense scouting and thoughtful analysis before putting them in your hands. Above all, we value your vacations and are glad to have you with us. Our success will be measured by your feeling of accomplishment and the fun times watching birds.

Most of our tours are customized and tailor-made to fit our client’s needs. Just let us know which are your needs and wishes, and we will provide the best alternatives for a relaxed and smooth journey of birding and discovery.

Friendly Organizations

The following organizations are actively working towards the conservation of nature and sustainable rural development in Colombia. Birding Tours Colombia works closely with these organizations and appreciate their commitment towards nature and people. Please click on their logos and visit their websites for more information.


CIPAV is a non-governmental organization with more than 26 years of experience in the construction of sustainable production systems for livestock and agroforestry, through research, training and communication. CIPAV’s goal is to contribute and enhance sustainable rural development by developing and promoting nature-friendly economic and productive alternatives.

logo fundacion horizonte verde 2

Fundación Horizonte Verde – FHV is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes environmental education, sustainable production and biodiversity conservation in the Orinoco region of Colombia. Established in 1991, its headquarters are located in the small town of Cumaral (Meta), but fieldwork spreads throughout the vast Orinoco region. Main institutional concerns are the development of appropriate technological solutions and biodiversity conservation systems suitable to the resources of the tropics.


RESNATUR is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that supports nature conservation through the establishment of private nature reserves in Colombia. Its members are farmers, communities and landowners throughout the country. Institutional goals are achieved through the enhancement of social networks, environmental education and the promotion of sustainable life-styles. Resnatur’s work is well recognized by diverse national and international organizations, among which WWF’s continued support has been instrumental, as well as support provided by The Nature Conservancy – TNC and others.

Legal note:
Birding Tours Colombia is bound to all Colombian laws acting against the illegal trafficking of flora & fauna (Law 599 of 2000, Legal Decree 1608 of 1978), the illegal trafficking of cultural heritage & patrimony (Law 397 of 1997), and the exploitation of under aged boys & girls on labor & work (Law 1098 of 2006). We hold strong advocacy against any type of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideology, philosophical orientation, sex, sexual orientation or discapacity (Law 1482 of 2011). Birding Tours Colombia and all of its employees and representatives adopt the code of conduct acting towards the prevention of sexual exploitation of under aged boys & girls in the tourism industry, according to Law 1336 of 2009.