Oswaldo Cortés is a biologist with wide experience in bird research and wildlife conservation. His career has centered in population analysis and preservation of focal (key) species. Since his graduation 6 years ago, Oswaldo has undertaken research projects with the most prominent ornithologists in Colombia. Some projects include understanding the voice variations of Mountain Grackle (an endemic & endangered species), natural history of the Chestnut-winged Chachalaca & Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird, evaluation of the conservation status of Black Inca, comprehensive evaluations of endangered species for the Red Data Book of Colombian birds and field analysis of hummingbird populations in the Eastern Andes.

Oswaldo has studied bird communities in paramo & timberline ecosystems in the Eastern Andes, Eastern plains & Western Andes, Andean wetlands, La Guajira peninsula, Serranía de las Quinchas and many other birding sites in Colombia. For this reason, Oswaldo is an outstanding birding guide around Bogotá & Eastern Andes.