Back to Colombia for a second time: Peter Hawrylyshyn & Bob Lewis search for more hummingbird species and bird specialties at new birding sites (February 15 – March 03, 2013).

05 - 03 - 2013

After a highly successful introductory birding tour last August 2012, Peter & Bob return to Colombia in 2013 searching for several specific endemic species, visiting two additional important birding areas (Santa Marta and Cerro Montezuma). As stated by Peter´s concluding remarks: “Another amazing trip – we saw about 435 species of which 55 were lifers for Bob. The 59 species of hummingbirds which we saw included all our “must-see” target species except for the Mountain Avocetbill. Our hosts couldn’t have been friendlier, especially at Finca Montezuma and Finca Alejandría. … Accommodations at all the lodges were more than adequate … Once again the food was excellent, and no one got sick. Lastly, very special thanks yet again to Daniel for helping organize this custom tour. As more areas of Colombia open up to birding, chances are we’ll return for a third trip.”

And a nice hummingbird video prepared by Peter can be seen at:

From left to right: Peter Hawrylyshyn, Bob Lewis and Daniel Uribe at the Montezuma road.