Bird photography trip for Peter Hawrylyshyn, Bob & Hanno Lewis with emphasis on hummingbirds (August 22 – September 9, 2012).

10 - 09 - 2012

From August 22nd to September 9th (2012) we guided a magnificent bird photo trip for Peter Hawrylyshyn (Canada) and Robert (Bob) & Hanno Lewis (California, USA), aimed at obtaining images of certain hummingbird species and increasing the life list for Bob & Hanno. The itinerary was conceived by Peter & Bob according to their goals in obtaining images of birds, especially endemics & near-endemics of central Colombia. A detailed trip report written by Peter Hawrylyshyn can be downloaded from our “Trip reports” section.

Among other sites, we visited Rogitama Private Reserve, Chingaza & Los Nevados National Parks, Siechia wetlands, the Enchanted Gardens of San Francisco de Sales, Bellavista Forest in Victoria, Rio Blanco, Jardin, Las Tangaras & Chestnut-capped Piha Reserve of ProAves and La Romera Ecopark in Medellín.

In summary, Hanno saw 95 lifers, Bob 62 (including his 4000th life-bird!) and Peter saw 60 species of hummingbirds including 14 of his “must see” birds. We took plenty of images, enjoying remarkable photo opportunities for species such as: Bogota Rail (E), Silvery-throated Spinetail (E), Matorral Tapaculo (E), Spot-flanked Gallinule, Short-tailed Emerald (NE), Rufous-browed Conebill (NE),  Coppery-bellied Puffleg (NE), Bronze-tailed Thornbill (NE), Indigo-capped Hummingbird (E), Red-billed Emerald (NE), White-mantled Barbet (E) , Sooty Ant-Tanager (E), Velvet-fronted Euphonia (E), Bar-crested Antshrike (NE) , Golden-fronted Whitestart (NE) , Brown-banded Antpitta (E), Black-thighed Puffleg (NE), Golden-breasted Puffleg (NE) , Yellow-eared Parrot (E), Rufous-breasted Flycatcher (NE) , Black-and-gold Tanager (E), Glistening-green Tanager (NE), Purplish-mantled Tanager (NE), Indigo Flower-piercer (NE) , Toucan Barbet (NE), Black-chinned Mountain-Tanager (NE) , Velvet-purple Coronet (NE), Empress Brilliant (NE), Purple-throated Woodstar (NE), Brown Inca (NE), Violet-tailed Sylph (NE), Scrub Tanager (NE), Red-bellied Grackle (E) , Colombian Chachalaca (E), Parker’s Antbird (E), Black-headed Brush-Finch (NE) and Sooty-headed Wren (NE).

To see a sample of the bird images taken by Bob Lewis, go to:

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