Birding for endemics with Cagan Sekercioglu and Tanya Williams (March 10 – 21, 2012).

22 - 03 - 2012

March 10th – 21st (2012) we had the pleasure to bird with Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu (Department of Biology, University of Utah at Salt Lake City) and Tanya Williams, covering the Eastern Andes, Magdalena Valley, Central Andes & Santa Marta Mountains, in search of endemics and specialties. We had great birding at Chingaza National Park and Siechia gravel pits, as well as in La Florida marsh and Enchanted Gardens of San Francisco. Amazing pictures of great endemics & near-endemics were taken at Victoria Forest, including the Velvet-fronted Euphonia, Sooty Ant-Tanager, Bar-crested Antshrike and White-mantled Barbet. As usual, Río Blanco & Los Nevados National Park offered amazing birding, with great photos of highly special birds such as the Brown-banded, Bicolored, Chestnut-crowned, Slate-crowned and Chestnut-naped Antpittas. Birding route took us into splendorous Otún-Quimbaya Sanctuary, birding en route Cameguadua Marsh, with amazing views and pictures on the endemic Grayish Piculet, Cauca Guan and Red-ruffed Fruitcrow, among many others. Departing from Pereira, Cagan and Tanya flew to Santa Marta, where Waly received them to bird the Santa Marta Mountains and La Guajira scrubland, having great success there with the endemics and specialties.  Many endemics seen, including the endemic & critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow!