Birding with Dominic Mitchell – Managing Editor of Birdwatch Magazine (UK) (November 27 – December 4, 2011).

07 - 12 - 2011

Concomitant to the Birding Adventures TV excursions, Proexport requested us at Birding Tours Colombia to guide and operate the press trip for Dominic Mitchell, Managing Editor of Birdwatch Magazine (UK).

During this trip we had much joy and fun from amazing birds in close views such as the Sword-billed Hummingbird and endemic Brown-banded Antpitta in Rio Blanco, endemic Grayish Piculet and beautiful Great Antshrike in Otun-Quimbaya, endemic Parker’s Antbird and near-endemics Choco Tapaculo and Bar-crested Antshrike in Cerro Montezuma, just to mention a few.

For a detailed review of his journey to Colombia and beautiful bird photos, see Dominic’s recount at

From right to left: Yesenia Tapasco, Dominic Mitchell, Daniel Uribe and Gustavo standing on top of the Jeep Wyllis, on the Montezuma road (Pacific slope of the Western Andes).