Customized private tours for short birding escapades (2012).

20 - 04 - 2012

On February, March & April (2012) we organized three short trips for birders from USA, based on their target lists and travel needs. February 13-18 we toured with Joe Giunta from New York (see: visiting Otún-Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary, Cameguadua marsh, Rio Blanco, Los Nevados National Park and the hummingbirds at Recinto del Pensamiento.

March 18-22 we toured with Lowell & Robin Taubman, visiting Rio Blanco, Los Nevados, Cameguadua marsh, Otún-Quimbaya and Los Yarumos Ecopark. Birding moments at Rio Blanco & Los Nevados were great, and at Otún-Quimbaya all endemics displayed very well for us.

April 14-18 we hosted a short visit by Garrick Dutcher, birding Rio Blanco, Los Nevados and Otún-Quimbaya. Following Garrick’s most desired birds to see, we paid a short visit to the municipality of Apía (Western Andes) searching for two great birds: the near endemic Yellow-headed Manakin (Xenopipo flavicapilla –Near Threatened) and the endemic Turquoise Dacnis (Dacnis hartlaubi – Vulnerable).  We saw both birds, thanks to the local expertise of Julián Zuleta (see: Not only is Julián an amenable birding companion, but he also immortalizes Apía´s colorful birds into beautiful drawings.

The Many-striped Canastero, at Los Nevados National Park.