Guiding and operating for Birding Adventures TV episodes in Colombia (November 27 – December 4, 2011).

06 - 12 - 2011

By the request of Proexport (the governmental office for the promotion of Colombia’s exports) Birding Tours Colombia organized and guided Birding Adventures TV excursions for the production of three birding episodes in Colombia.

From November 27 through December 04 (2011) we traveled with James Currie (host and producer of BATV), Richard Crossley (bird photographer and author of The Crossley ID Guide to Eastern Birds of North America) and Jeff Aderman (Cameraman), visiting the best birding localities in the Central Andes, Cauca Valley and Western Andes.

Amazing footages of the Bearded Helmetcrest were taken at Los Nevados National Park, Long-tailed Antbird and Lyre-tailed Nightjar at the Old Road to Los Nevados, five species of Antpittas at Rio Blanco, endemic Cauca Guan, Torrent Duck and Red-ruffed Fruitcrow at Otun-Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary, endemic Gold-ringed and Black-and-Gold Tanagers at Montezuma, Comb Duck in wetlands nearby Cartago and many other birds, mammals and gorgeous landscapes in an adventurous and exciting trip to Andean Colombia.