Promoting Colombia as a travel destination with British presenter & producer Nigel Marven (February 6 – 11, 2012).

14 - 02 - 2012

British wildlife producer Nigel Marven came to Colombia to film his new series Wild Colombia! This high-quality series will be presented by Nigel Marven itself at Birdfair 2012 in Rutland Water. Birding Tours Colombia was pleased to be chosen by Proexport to organize and operate Nigel’s filming excursion to the Central Andes and Magdalena Valley from February 6 – 11 (2012). We toured with Nigel Marven and his crew, visiting Rio Blanco, Los Nevados National Park, Cocora Valley in Salento and the Magdalena Valley. Amazing footage of the Bearded Helmetcrest was taken by Nigel at Los Nevados! And of course, the Rio Blanco antpittas gave a big show for Nigel and his crew! And the Wax Palm forests in Salento did not hide their atmospheric charm and beauty.